We don’t just travel the world, we do it with three little rascals in tow. From our sassy Chihuahua, our docile dachshund to our goofy Labrador they provide us with endless adventures.

While life is all fun and games for the most part, these dogs do make traveling quite a bit harder.

Traveling with dogs requires more planning, more sacrifices and endlessly more adventures.

dogsIt takes about three second after you have your own dog to realize that these four legged creatures are far more than pets, they become your kids (but the amazing kind that never cry or throw tantrums). We have three, and if we had any more square footage would rescue more and more.

At one point we kept finding stray dogs on the road feeding them and helping them find their way home. Needless to say, we are dog lovers and because of this we geared our life to be able to travel with our best friends in tow.

Check out some of our tips on traveling and hiking with your furry friends. We take our pups just about everywhere we go with us. Typically they add to our adventures but there are lots of extra things that we need to be aware of when traveling with them.

Read about how these little pups add so much to our trips as well as a few tips we’ve learned on our travels.

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