Canada is the second biggest country in the world in terms of landmass while the Great White North is surprisingly low in both population and tourism. Our beloved homeland, this large country is often the butt of many jokes involving polite people and igloos.


In order to visit this vast country we recommend practicing how to say sorry (pronounced sore-ey) often, getting up to date on your hockey lingo and your taste buds ready for some delicious Tim Hortons coffee.


This country has two primary ports of entry from either Toronto or Vancouver but has a surprising amount to offer in between. Home to mountain ranges, coastal waters, lush forests and long prairies, this country is an outdoor playground. Rock climbers, water sports enthusiasts, bikers, hikers, scuba divers and snowboarders will all feel at home in Canada. With a large french influence, specifically in the eastern province of Quebec, this country is known and prided for being multicultural.  

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