For those who have traveled to South East Asia you know that there is no where else quite like it. Bangkok is no exception to this. I am sure everyone who has ever been has said to themselves “only in Thailand” more than a few times. From the incredibly memorable array of smells, the ground that looks like you will absolutely fall through it and the incredibly sketchy forms of transportation it is truly one of a kind. One thing you can surely count on when traveling to Thailand is that you will meet some of the best people in the world. Both locals and fellow travelers, there is nowhere else quite like it. Oh, and the beaches, they’re pretty nice too. Trying to explain Thailand to people who haven’t been there is nearly impossible. No explanation is necessary when it comes to affordability. This is a place that is…

As you know, we LOVE traveling. We believe in the power of the tourist sector and have respect for its role in a country’s economy. But, we are HUGE advocates for travel to be a POSITIVE contribution to an economy. Travel SHOULD allow you to gain an understanding and respect for a new culture and way of life. It SHOULD NOT be treated as a photo op, be judged, be disrespected or be negatively influenced. Travel SHOULD allow you to see new lands. It SHOULD NOT allow you to pollute them.Travel SHOULD make you new friends. It SHOULD NOT allow you to harm animals. Let’s keep traveling, keep encouraging, and keep making a POSITIVE influence in this world.