As you know, we LOVE traveling. We believe in the power of the tourist sector and have respect for its role in a country’s economy. But, we are HUGE advocates for travel to be a POSITIVE contribution to an economy.

Travel SHOULD allow you to gain an understanding and respect for a new culture and way of life.

It SHOULD NOT be treated as a photo op, be judged, be disrespected or be negatively influenced.

Travel SHOULD allow you to see new lands.

It SHOULD NOT allow you to pollute them.Travel SHOULD make you new friends. It SHOULD NOT allow you to harm animals.

Let’s keep traveling, keep encouraging, and keep making a POSITIVE influence in this world.


  1. I completely agree with you! I’m vegan myself and I truly believe in treating the earth and animals the same way we would like to be treated!

    • Freedom Chasers Reply

      Great to hear! What a beautiful way to word it, I couldn’t agree with your message more. Traveling can make it a bit more difficult but it is completely worth the slight inconvenience and extra effort.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve encountered on some of my travels a lot of people care more for the photo and then leave. Don’t get me wrong I want my cute social media photo too but I first appreciate the fact of where I am in the world and learn about the culture. I agree with you too about treating animals the same way as we want to be treated. Thanks for sharing!

    • Freedom Chasers Reply

      I hear ya! I absolutely want the photo, but disrespecting the culture is never good. Cover your legs or shoulders when required and then take that super cute selfie. There’s totally a way to merge the two words! SO glad to hear that you are conscious of this too <3

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