whistler sightseeing


Whistler is one of the most popular mountain towns in British Columbia. This popular mountain town is located northeast of Vancouver, getting from Vancouver to Whistler is a beautiful 121 km (75 mile) drive which takes around 2 hours – depending on your stops and traffic.Once you get to Whistler you’re going to want to explore and see all the top sights. Whistler extends far beyond the limits of just Whistler Village. What seems like a small alpine village is actually spread out over a surprisingly large area – 240 km² to be exact. Attracting outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, when visiting the different lakes and mountain trails in the area, you will quickly realize you need to know how to get around Whistler. Especially if you want to explore different areas and attractions of Whistler, you’ll need to be able to get around Whistler with ease. Nobody likes getting stranded…