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More and more people are turning to life in a tiny house. Regardless of if yours has wheels or not, living in that small square footage takes some adjustment, especially with dogs. The realms of this lifestyle are forever expanding as more and more people are testing the limits. Us, we are testing the limits by cramming five bodies into one van. It is true that vanlife would be worlds easier without our three rascals. More space, less stuff, and the ability to go anywhere we choose without second thoughts. Our dogs do limit us, a lot, but they also add an unbelievable amount of happiness to our life. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSb8WpvgDrK/?taken-by=freedom__chasers We decided to let you in on the things we’ve learned about how to make life in a van more livable with your pup. Crossing the border When crossing the US Canada border with your dogs the only vaccination they…