Tools Needed: Screwdriver (Phillips) New screws (we didn’t want to use 40-year-old screws) Wire snips New canvas 🙂 ($700 ish) A drill (possibly) Difficulty –   4/5 Time Needed –   6-8 Hours So you just bought, or are looking to buy, a Westy and it’s canvas pop top need to be replaced. If you budget for a shop to replace it you could be facing upwards of hundreds of dollars just in labour. But you are an able-bodied, even handy person, looking to save money so you think you can replace it yourself. We thought the same. Here’s how we did it. Before you start you’re going to want to see if you have a staple-in or screw-in top. Do this before you order your new one!! We had a screw in one. With this setup, there are going to be metal rails that hold the top of the…