Tools Needed:Tarp or Painters sheetScrubbing brushWirehead tooth brushBleach sprayOld rags (will get bleach stains)Spray bottles x2Bucket of waterHeavy-duty cleaner (try Organic CD – the product we used for awesome results)Difficulty –   1.5/5Time Needed –   2-4 HoursWhen we bought our Westfalia she was definitely showing her years, especially on her pop top ceiling. We discovered that it was a common problem among all these aging vehicles. Nearly everyone we’ve seen has a mould-covered canvas and ceiling. If you are going to spend any amount of time in your van you are going to want to remedy this issue. Mould can have serious negative effects on your health.First, we covered the entire floor and kitchen area with a tarp (or painter’s sheet) to ensure nothing dripped onto our carpets.The ceiling will have a natural “fuzzy” feel to it. Volkswagen added flocking on to help insulate the bus – you’re going…