Hundreds of monkeys call Bali’s famous Monkey Forest home. This forest sanctuary is located in the island’s Instagram famous town: Ubud. A boom in tourism has led to some devastating realities to the wildlife in Bali. Overhunting and increased agricultural demand (particularly coconut and coffee industries) have led to extreme declines, and even extinctions, to the population of some species. This forest provides about 30 acres of protected jungle for the animals to live. In this article:What to expect at Monkey Forest?How much does Monkey forest cost and when to go?What do the monkeys eat?What should I bring to Monkey Forest?Are monkeys safe to be around?Can you touch the baby monkeys?How to get to monkey forest?Where to stay in Ubud?Other places to see monkeys?What to expect at monkey forestOver 600 Balinese long-tailed Macaque monkeys call this sanctuary home. As soon as you enter the park you can expect to see…