We’ve traveled pretty extensively, a combination of about 25 countries, and always sought out the most adventure. We don’t just want to travel, we want a thrill.. the whole experience! From all our travel, we’re rounding up all the best adventure travel destinations to help you plan your next adventure. All of the countries on our list we’ve either lived in, or extensively explored.

When we’re not making you city guides and giving you practical knowledge of how to travel to all the best destinations in the world, we love hitting you with a bit of wanderlust. If you’re trying to decide where to go next, or just looking to get some travel inspo, we’re here to help.

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Below we’ve put together our favourite adventure travel destinations we’ve visited. We can personally attest that you are guaranteed a wild ride of adventure when visiting any of these adventure travel hotspots.

Scuba diving in some of the best adventure travel destinations in the world
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Best adventure travel destinations

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1. Spain

the best adventure travel destination is barcelona spain

Top things to do in Spain: the mountains of Picos de Europa, party in IbizaPlaza de Espana in Seville, climb a rock wall at Caminito del Rey in El Chorro

After living in Barcelona for a while, we can attest to the adventures to be had in Spain. From the beaches in Barcelona to the culture in Madrid, Spain is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Spend your days exploring the small mountain towns in the north or embracing the Latin culture in the south. And when you’re done running around the country, join in on a Spanish siesta – everyone else is doing it!

2. The Philippines

With over 7,600 islands making up this country, you can (and should) make exploring The Philippines your full time job! From the bustling city of Manila to the lazy beaches of Palawan, visiting The Philippines should be on every adventurer’s travel bucket list!

3. Singapore

Top things to do in Singapore: marvel at the Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, and the Flower Dome, or fly through the air on a zipline

If you’re like us and big into ecotourism  (and we hope you are!) you should make visiting Gardens by the Bay in Singapore a must! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the future with this large nature park nestled into the downtown core. When you’re done exploring, grab some delicious Singapore food!

4. Mexico

view of El Castillo Pyramid, chichen itza photos

Top things to do in Mexico: visit one of the New 7 Wonders of the World at Chichen Itza, swim with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, go surfing in Baja

We’ve visited Mexico three times: by cruise ship, in an all inclusive, and by taking a month long road trip. Mexico is famous for its relaxing white sand beaches with all inclusive resorts but this beautiful country offers so much more than just a relaxing tropical vacation. Bask in the Caribbean Sea, explore Mayan culture, and scuba dive on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the world’s second largest coral reef). This is a great spot for backpackers trekking through Mexico City or luxury travelers heading to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, this is a travel destination for every type of traveler.

5. Thailand

thailand longtail bot, thai longtail boat

Top things to do in Thailand: visit an elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai, take a long tail boat tour in Koh Phi Phi, learn to scuba dive in Koh Tao

Our favourite travel destination in the world, Thailand is an absolute must see.  We’ve been to Thailand 3 times, we just can’t seem to get enough of this Southeast Asian hotspot. The northern area of Chiang Mai, Pai and Chiang Rai offer lush jungles, great hiking, and elephant sanctuaries. Central Thailand has a perfect mix of bustling cities like Bangkok and Pattaya and small towns. The south has many amazing islands to visit such as Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and our personal favourite: Koh Phangan.

6. South Africa

taking a safari in South Africa at the Kruger National Park is the best adventure travel bucket list travel destinations in the world.

Top things to do in South Africa: hike Table Mountain in Cape Town, see Africa’s Big 5 on a safari through the Kruger National Park, explore the Cango Caves

As Samara’s homeland, South Africa has always been on our radar with one of the most beautiful adventure travel destinations in the world. Spend your day exploring the Kruger National Park on the east coast of the country or surfing the waves of Cape Town on the southwest coast. From hiking tall mountains to scuba diving in the sea and everything in between, South Africa offers lots to be explored.

7. Canada

Top things to do in Canada: get lost in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, take a boat tour through the great Niagra Falls, explore glaciers in Whistler

We may be biased as Canadians but Canada is one of the best countries in the world, especially if you’re looking for adventure travel! The east coast is where you will go for the culturally rich cities of Montreal and Quebec City and the small island towns of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. The west coast is an outdoor playground with cute mountain towns like Whistler, the Okanagan wine country, and the seaside coastal cities of Vancouver.

8. Indonesia

Visiting the Bali rice terraces are one of the best things to do in Bali

Top things to do in Indonesia: visit the Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud, go scuba diving with manta rays in Nusa Penida, visit wild orangutans in Indonesian Borneo

While the most talked about area in Indonesia is the tourist hotspot of Bali, Indonesia is actually made up of 18,110 islands and islets to be explored. One of our favourite off the beaten path islands is Nusa Penida, a haven for snorkeling, scuba diving, and jungle treks. Indonesia is an epic budget travel destination with about a million Instagram spots making it a digital nomad hotspot.

9. United Kingdom

Visiting Snowdonia National Park is one of the best adventure travel bucket list travel destinations in the world.

Top things to do in the UK: hike through the Scottish Highlands, get mesmerized by the mystery of Stonehenge, visit Snowdonia National Park in Wales

From the dreamy castles of Edinburgh Scotland and the small historical towns of Wales to the bustling city streets of London and Manchester, the United Kingdom makes for an exciting travel destination. Spend your day getting lost in the Cotswolds or expand your curiosity at Stonehenge while you explore this island. Our favourite way of exploring is with a UK road trip! We took a month to drive through Wales, England and Scotland. 

10. Italy

Rome Italy St Peter's Basilica is one of the best adventure travel bucket list travel destinations in the world.

Top things to do in Italy: soak in the Saturnia Hot Springs (Terme di Saturnia) in Tuscany, get lost in the history of Rome, sail through the Amalfi Coast

The romantic country of Italy has so much to be explored. Whether you want to eat your way through the streets of Bologna or drink your way through the vineyards of Tuscany you can trust you’ll be enjoying the best in the world. The history in Rome, the beaches in Sicily, the scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea, and the hiking in the Dolomites or Cinque Terre combine to make this one of the best adventure travel destinations in the world.

11. United States of America

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway along the California Coast is one of the most exciting adventure travel bucket list travel destinations in the world.

Top things to do in the USA: drive the Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast, marvel at the immensity of the Grand Canyon, say hi to the buffalo at Yellowstone National Park

The United States of America is often referred to as one of the top adventure travel destinations and for good reason. The sheer size of the country alone offers so much to be explored and the diversity in the land is incredibly unique to the country. From the desert streets of Las Vegas Nevada to the rainforests of Olympic National Park in Oregon, there is so much diversity to be explored. Whether you want to embrace city life in New York City and Chicago or get lost in some of the best National Parks in the country you’re guaranteed an adventure! On our 3 year American road trip, we ended up finding a lot of amazing secret US cities we absolutely loved. 

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We love traveling this big beautiful world and exploring all the best adventure travel destinations. From seeing the Big 5 in South Africa’s Kruger National Park to exploring the castles in the Scottish Highlands, this world has so much to be explored. We hope you enjoyed this overseas adventure travel 2023 guide. Now, all you have to do is book your flights

Happy traveling, friends!

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Looking for the best adventure travel bucket list destinations in the world
Looking for the best adventure travel bucket list destinations in the world
Looking for the best adventure travel bucket list destinations in the world

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